Making Cats’ and Dogs’ Lives Healthier with Pet Exams in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Cats and dogs are capable of living longer than they ever have before thanks to veterinary medicine. To build and maintain good health in our patients, we recommend annual or semiannual wellness exams. Pet exams are essentially physicals, but they also involve routine blood and fecal testing, vaccinations, and more. They give us the opportunity to establish a health baseline, so we can better detect underlying problems earlier rather than later. Our veterinarians in Oklahoma City, OK also recommend lab testing to screen for parasites, which are an ongoing concern for all pets, regardless of age or lifestyle.

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vet examining dog
examining a kitten

What a Typical Pet Exam Involves

It requires more than a physical exam to fully understand your pet’s health and determine whether they are harboring any illnesses.

Physical examination

Your pet’s wellness visit starts with the physical exam, where we perform a thorough, nose-to-tail assessment. This assessment includes recording their current weight, temperature, heart rate, and respiration rate. We’ll check the skin for unusual lumps and bumps, and palpate the abdomen to feel for any abnormal hardness or signs of pain.

Lab diagnostics

Laboratory testing gives us more information about your pet’s health and helps us diagnose heartworm disease, kidney infections, intestinal worms, and more. When you see us for your pet’s yearly checkup, be sure to bring a fresh stool sample (no more than 2 hours old) to the appointment.


Dogs and cats need to start their vaccinations early in life. Vaccines give pets heightened immunity to many different (and harmful) viruses, such as rabies, parvo, and distemper. One of our veterinarians can help you figure out which vaccines your pet will need to stay protected.


Deworming is often necessary for puppies and kittens, who usually present to us with intestinal worms. Worms can be treated effectively with proper medication, and prevented for the long term with the appropriate pest control treatment.

Parasite Prevention

Aside from viral diseases, fleas, ticks, and heartworms are also a notable threat to your pet’s health. Ticks can transmit harmful diseases to pets and people, and heartworms can kill if left untreated. Parasite activity is remarkably constant throughout the year here in the Oklahoma City region, which is why we strongly recommend year-round protection with high-quality pest preventatives.

Counseling on Nutrition and Behavior

Your pet’s wellness exam is also the ideal time for you to bring up any questions you have about your pet's health and behavior. If you need help choosing the proper diet and managing standard behavioral issues (such as chewing furniture or having accidents in your home), we will be happy to provide recommendations.