Benefits of Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Like human beings, cats and dogs benefit from vaccinations to protect them from potential disease outbreaks. Our clinic in Oklahoma City offers a full range of the highest quality pet vaccines available. We can also provide your pet with a vaccination schedule to keep them protected based on their lifestyle. Every dog and cat will have a vaccine plan to meet their specific needs.

Protecting your pet from illness is essential to keeping them healthy. Make a wellness appointment for your pet today!

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How Safe are Vaccines for Pets?

The vaccines we administer at our clinic are very safe and highly effective.

Reactions to vaccines are rare in dogs and cats. However they can happen. Most reactions are subtle, involving minor swelling and soreness at the injection site, along with drowsiness that might linger for 24 hours.

You may wonder why your kitten or puppy received multiple vaccines. The kittens and puppies are quite well protected by antibodies received from their mother when they first nurse. This protection subsides over a few weeks as their immune system begins to function. In order to gain best protection, a vaccine needs to be timed so that the protection isn't compromised by antibodies from the mother.

Our Cat and Dog Vaccines

We offer the following vaccinations for dogs and cats:

A General Vaccination Timeline for Dogs and Cats

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