Offering Online Vet Visits and More with PetPro Connect

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Now more than ever, it’s important for veterinarians and their clients to stay connected. There are a lot of apps out there giving pet parents the ability to request appointments, prescription refills, and medical records with a few screen taps, but our app goes much further.

PetPro Connect is a free, cloud-based Collaborative Pet Care platform that allows veterinarians to engage on a whole new level with their clients and patients (and vice versa), from instant messaging to online video appointments and more.

What is Collaborative Pet Care?

Collaborative Pet Care involves approaching pet care from a team-based perspective and encouraging pet owners to have a more active relationship with their veterinarian and any other individuals in their pet’s circle, such as their groomer, sitter, trainer, or even neighbor. Your pet always sits at the center of this circle, with their care being our highest priority.

With PetPro Connect, your pet’s circle remains secure and personalized. It allows veterinarians, pet owners, practice managers, and others to work together on your pet’s behalf--all on a single platform.


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Features of PetPro Connect

If you choose to engage with PetPro Connect, you’ll have access to a variety of convenient features, including:

  • Scheduling online vet visits (video appointments) with your veterinarian
  • Being able to request appointments at any time
  • Instant messaging with your veterinarian
  • Requesting prescription refills
  • Viewing your pet’s medical records
  • Getting targeted health content
  • Getting the latest product rebates
  • Communicating quickly and efficiently with your veterinarian and other individuals in your circle

How to Get Started

Want to give it a try? Download the PetPro Connect app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store on your phone, and select Nichols Hills Pet Clinic as your pet’s primary vet.

If you have any questions about the install process or using the PetPro Connect platform, let us know--just call (405) 842-2273!