Fear Free Care Provided by Pet-Loving Professionals

Or call us at (405) 842-2273

Fear Free Care Provided by Pet-Loving Professionals

Or call us at (405) 842-2273

Veterinarian Serving the Pets and People of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Nichols Hills is a full-service animal hospital staffed with highly skilled, Fear Free Certified Professionals who are as dedicated to your pet’s health as you are. Since 1985, we have made it our mission to offer our patients and clients a more comforting, low-stress experience while also providing the very best in veterinary care. Our team can also accommodate other species besides dogs and cats, including birds, reptiles, rabbits, and various pocket pets.

We look forward to joining you and your beloved pet on your journey together!

Get to Know Our Veterinarians

The health of your four-legged family member is our highest priority, now and always. Allow us to introduce our outstanding veterinarians, who serve the Oklahoma City community with pride and dedication.

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What it Means to be Fear Free

Being Fear Free means that together, we dedicate ourselves to making veterinary visits less stressful for dogs and cats--and their owners, too! From the handling techniques we implement to the paint colors adorning our walls, we meet or exceed every standard required to call ourselves Fear Free Certified Professionals.

If you are currently searching for a new vet, we invite you to stop in for an informal visit so we can meet you and your pet and help them feel more comfortable in our facility.

Veterinary Services for Oklahoma City Pets

The services we offer reflect our dedication to keeping your pet healthy for as many years as possible. Our goal is to provide them with whatever care they need, whenever they need it.

Pet Exams

The keystone of your pet's health program is the annual exam, which enables us to detect existing health problems sooner and, overall, make sure they're staying well.

Teeth Cleaning

We regularly perform cat and dog teeth cleaning procedures to treat and prevent oral diseases. Our team also recommends brushing your pet's teeth at home.


Every dog and cat should have a vaccine schedule. Vaccines protect pets from deadly diseases and keep them from spreading to other pets--and people.


Dr. Craft is a certified veterinary acupuncturist who uses this treatment to help with a wide range of health issues in pets--from acute back pain to chronic arthritis.